Monday, October 8, 2012

Crochet beanie->tutorial

Paten topi baby di entry 👉 'Crochet beanies and headband with 5 changeable flowers' . Tutorial ini untuk topi A. Topi B, tutorial nya 👉 right here
Rnd 1: Kait sejumlah chain..2ch, 4dc, 3ch, sk 1 st, sc, 3ch, sk 3 st, sc, 3ch, sk 1 st, 5dc...repeat
Rnd 2: Benang purple pic atas..Sc, 3 ch, skip 3 st , sc, 3 ch , 5 dc, 3ch...repeat
Rnd 3: Pic atas..ulang seperti rnd. 1
Rnd 4: Pic atas..ulang seperti rnd 2..
Terima kasih!^^

Happy crocheting
xoxo dinah


Preeti said...

Those caps are very sweet!:)) the color of the caps is soft and the flowers are lovely! I liked this very much !:)

Norma2 said...

Muy bien tu explicación

Chrisi said...

So beautifoul colors,thanks Dinah,kisses

Igne oyam said...

cok güzel arkadaşım bloğunda cok güzel bayıldım sizi izlemeye almak istiyorum sevgiler

Dinah said...

thanks, friends.. hugs!

Unknown said...

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