Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fabric flower & fabric covered button

Jom bermain dengan fabrik..
Cara buat bunga fabrik..guna reben pun boleh, lagi cantik!
Ukuran fabrik, 3 x 3 inci, 5 helai
Cara buat butang bungkus/balut

Happy stitching
xoxo dinah


suzan hobi said...

merhaba çok güzel ,çok şirin olmuş bu çalışmalar tebrik ederim ,iyi hafta sonları diliyorum,sevgiler

Dinah said...

thanks susan hobi..

Norma2 said...

Buena idea!
Beso desde Argentina

Dinah said...

What a lovely idea!!!

greetings, Dinah

Chrisi said...

Too beautiful dina and with such beautiful colors, very cute your flowers

Preeti said...

Pretty flowers, Dinah!!:) I have these kind of buttons to create fabric buttons but they do not hv pins on the back side.
I am unable to send you replies, they all go to no-reply id. Could you pls share your email id or may be change settings for your id which I posted few months back at

Dinah said...

Thank you Preeti, I am now a reply blogger..:)

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