Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Corner to corner crochet (C2C)

Cara kait corner to corner atau C2C.
 R 1: Kait 6 ch, dc di ch no. 4, 5 dan 6
R 2: TURN...6 ch, dc di ch no. 4, 5 dan 6
sl st selepas 3 dc, diikuti 3 dc di ruang yang sama
R 3: TURN..ulang seperti R 2..

Diagram c2c ( Credit: Google)
C2C baby blanket baby blanket yang sudah siap dengan cara kait tepi sekali.

Happy crocheting
by Dinah


Wendy's Mhaaksels said...

I know this stitch from Scheepjescal and I love it. Will try this soon in more colors like this. Thanks.

Dinah said...

Dont forget to share with us wendy :)

minipretzel said...

thanks for sharing, really useful for me as newbie in crochet ;-)

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