Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kitchen set

Coasters warna-warni.

Happy crocheting,
Tinunturu d'Dinah


PieceOfTheMoon said...

you are the best designer about crochet. I'm enthusiastic for making yours patterns especially baby booties but I don't making any more crochet. my daughter is 3 years old and I'm wasting time for her..
Please tell me about yarns you selected??.. %100 cotton or %50cotton+%50acrylic?? I've too much yarns but all of them are hairy. I don't like hairy yarn for crochet :((

Dinah said...

hi pieceOfTheMoon..i use 100% acrylic yarn..

MARİFETANE (Elif Hatice) said...

Güzel motifler..tebrikler.

Dinah said...

thanks marifetani..hugs!

livtera said...

Hi kak, mau tanya sikit. Napa kalau sya kait ni bunga pandai melengkung d hujung. Yang kak buat ni rata saja. Apa silap nya?

Dinah said...

livtera...salah kira tu, kalau melengkung, kiraan nya ada yang kurang..mungkin pada chain..

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